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Deer Feet Gun Rack - Rack Mount - Taxidermy Video on DVD

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Gun Rack - Rack Mount - Fish Repair

How To Complete a Deer Feet Gun Rack on DVD:
This is great DVD for beginners to learn several types of taxidermy.  There are 3 lessons on this DVD:  Deer Feet Gun Rack, Horn or Rack Mount and Fish Mount Repair and Restoration.  Each lesson is a start to finish, step by step taxidermy class designed for beginners to complete each project.     


SALE:  $9.95 - Reg $29.95


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The "How To Do A European Mount" video was professionally filmed and edited using HD technology for exceptional quality. Close-up footage and step by step taxidermy instruction guides you through the process in easy-to-understand terms. Perfect how to video for the beginner or for any taxidermist wanting to add to their skill set.  List of taxidermy supply companies and resources included.   


The How To - Gun Rack Taxidermy video can be purchased individually
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"Gun Rack - Rack Mount - Fish Repair" DVD:


This Taxidermy DVD teaches three different lessons that are common to the professional taxidermist.  First, it shows how to complete a Deer Feet Gun Rack including skinning, fleshing, preserving and mounting for a great novelty mount. 


The next taxidermy lesson teaches how to complete a rack mount or horn mount.  This is an excellent way to add $$$ to your pocket! 


Finally, Bill shows how to repair and restore an old fish mount.  Often times, a fish mount will be damaged, yellowed or just dusty and dirty.  All those common problems are addressed in this DVD.  Adding these services to your business can really improve the bottom line!     


SALE:  $9.95 - Reg $29.95


+ $1.95 Shipping Worldwide!


"Taxidermy Lessons" Video Reviews:


"Bill - I'm so glad I ordered this DVD!  I had an old fish mount that belonged to my grandfather and was so happy to get those fins repaired and looking good.  I know he was proud of that 8 pound bass!  Bigger than any I've caught!"  Jerry M, FL


"My son got his first deer this year and wanted a gun rack, so we ordered your DVD.  Carson was excited about his first taxidermy project and now the mount hanging in our deer camp.  He shows it off to everybody!  Really enjoyed the project with my son."  Kyle A, TX



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