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How To Taxidermy Antelope

How To Taxidermy Antelope Video on DVD:
Our How To Taxidermy Antelope Video is perfect for the beginner who is ready to learn professional taxidermy techniques. We've designed the Antelope Taxidermy Video to help the novice learn from the Master Taxidermist in a one-on-one class room setting. Bill starts with a tanned Antelope cape and explains all the taxidermy supplies needed, shows you how to clean the horns, prepare the cape and the form, how to do the complete mounting process and then the final finish work and detailed painting for a trophy Antelope mount any hunter would be proud to display.


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Each of Taxidermy 101's videos are newly filmed with HD technology, using the latest supplies and techniques for superior quality. 


You will get detailed instruction plus tips that will help develop your skills as a taxidermist. Although the Antelope Taxidermy Video teaches how to do an Antelope, the same techniques are used on other horned animals such as Dall Sheep and Exotic Ram.  Free list of taxidermy supply companies and trade journals are provided.

The "How To Taxidermy Antelope Video" can be purchased
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"How To Taxidermy Antelope" Teaches:


The "How To Taxidermy Antelope" video features this impressive Pronghorn Antelope mount to the left, but the same techniques can be used on other horned trophies such as goats, ram and sheep.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements from a tanned cape so you can get the tools, form and eyes on the way.  In this video, Bill starts with a tanned cape and explains the process required to ready the cape for the mounting process, as well as preparing the antelope manikin, setting the horns and eyes.  He teaches how to do the entire mounting process step by step and all of the finish work for a completed Antelope that any hunter would be proud to have in the game room.    


SALE:  $24.95 - Reg $29.95



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"How To Taxidermy Antelope" Video Reviews:


"Bill, thank you for taking the time to explain how to clean the horns on the antelope - my first mount is something I am really proud of.  My wife loves the fact that I can do this myself!"  John T

"Bill, I've wanted to learn to do taxidermy for years! I'm so glad I found your taxidermy videos - I have ordered every one and learn something new from each DVD." Bob B

"I was just looking for a way to save some money by learning how to mount my own trophies, but now I've got a good part-time business because my buddies are paying me to mount their trophies.  Mounting an antelope is a totally different experience, so I was really glad I had the video to guide me through." Alex D



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