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How To Taxidermy Bobcat

How To Taxidermy Bobcat Video on DVD:
The How To Taxidermy Bobcat Video is 2-hours long and is a complete start to finish course. We've tailored the Bobcat Taxidermy How To Video Course to help the novice learn from Master Taxidermist in a one on one class room setting. You will get training and instruction plus tips that will help you quickly begin to do bobcat and other small mammal taxidermy yourself. Although the DVD teaches how to mount a lifesize bobcat, the same techniques are used on coyote, fox, raccoon and squirrel as well.


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The "How To Taxidermy Bobcat" video was filmed using HD technology for superior quality. Close-up footage and detailed instruction guides you through the process in easy-to-understand terms. Perfect how to video for the beginner or for any taxidermist wanting to add to their skill set.  List of taxidermy supply companies and resources included.   


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How To Taxidermy Bobcat - Taxidermy Video - Actual bobcat used in the filming of the Taxidermy Video

"How To Taxidermy Bobcat" Teaches:


The "How To Taxidermy Bobcat" video features the beautiful bobcat mount to the left, but the same techniques can be used on other mammals like coyote, fox and squirrel.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements so you can get the materials on the way.  Then Bill teaches how to skin, clean and tan the hide of the bobcat.  He teaches is great detail how to do each step of the mounting process including how to alter the manikin for the lifesize mount, which is a common problem for taxidermist.  He also teaches how to do all the finish work and necessary painting.  The end result is a professional mount any hunter would envy.   


SALE:  $24.95 - Reg $29.95


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"How To Taxidermy Bobcat" Video Reviews:


"Bill, thanks for the easy to understand teaching on the Bobcat taxidermy video. I am excited about mounting the bobcat I got during turkey season." Adam S

"Now that I am retired, I am looking forward to finally starting the hobby I have wanted to learn for years. The videos really are good!"  George S

"Bill, thanks for getting the taxidermy DVDs to me so quickly. My son has watched them and is excited to do his first taxidermy project - which is a lifesize bobcat. This will be a great hobby for him." James M



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