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How To Taxidermy Bugling Elk

How To Taxidermy Elk Video on DVD:
Taxidermy101's How To Taxidermy Elk Video is 2-hours long and perfect for the beginner who is ready to tackle some big game. We've tailored the Bugling Elk Taxidermy How To Video Course to help the novice learn from the Master Taxidermist in a one-on-one class room setting. Bill starts with a tanned cape and shows you how to prepare the cape, the form, and the bugling jaw set, how to do the complete mounting process and then the final finish work and detailed painting for a trophy Elk mount any hunter would be proud to display.


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Each of Taxidermy 101's videos are newly filmed with HD technology, using the latest supplies and techniques for superior quality. 


Although a bugling elk is featured in the "How To Taxidermy Elk Video", the same techniques can be applied to other big game trophies such as caribou, red stag and moose.  Free list of taxidermy supply companies and trade journals are provided.

The How To Taxidermy Elk video can be purchased individually
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How to Taxidermy Bugling Elk - Actual trophy elk featured in the How To Taxidermy Elk Video

"How To Taxidermy Elk" Teaches:


The "How To Taxidermy Elk" video features the beautiful bugling elk mount to the left, but the same techniques can be used on other big game like caribou, red stag or moose.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements from a tanned cape so you can get the tools, form and eyes on the way.  In this video, Bill starts with a tanned cape and explains the process required to ready the cape for the mounting process, as well as preparing the manikin, setting the antlers and eyes.  He also covers some very advanced techniques in the open mouth mount.  Many taxidermist require a much higher price on open-mouth mounts.  He teaches how to do the entire mounting process step by step and all of the finish work for a completed Bugling Elk that would impress the most discriminating hunter.    


SALE:  $24.95 - Reg $29.95


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"How To Taxidermy Elk" Video Reviews:


"WOW - I was blown away at the information on the Bugling Elk video. I am booking my Colorado trip and looking forward to mounting my own trophy bull elk!"   Stephen S

"Bill, after watching the elk DVD, I think I'm ready to do it! I've mounted some small game, but never anything as big as an elk, but I am really excited to get started."  Ron A

"Bill, I've been doing some taxidermy work for myself over the past few years and ordered your elk taxidermy video just to see how another taxidermist tackles the big game.  I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the video and I actually did learn some different ways to get the job done.  Thanks for the fast service, too."  Tim R



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