How To Taxidermy Mule Deer

Learn How To Taxidermy Mule Deer Video on DVD

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How To Taxidermy Mule Deer

How To Taxidermy Mule Deer Video on DVD:
Our How to Taxidermy Mule Deer Video is perfect for the beginner who is ready to learn professional taxidermy techniques. We've tailored the Mule Deer Taxidermy Video to help the novice learn from the Master Taxidermist in a one-on-one class room setting. Bill starts with a tanned Mule Deer cape and explains all the taxidermy supplies needed, shows you how to prepare the cape and the form, how to do the complete mounting process and then the final finish work for a trophy Mule Deer mount any hunter would be proud to display.


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Each of Taxidermy 101's videos are newly filmed with HD technology, using the latest supplies and techniques for superior quality. 


You will get detailed training and instruction plus tips that will help develop your skills as a taxidermist. Although the Taxidermy Training DVD teaches how to do a mule deer, the same techniques are used on other big game.  Free list of taxidermy supply companies and trade journals are provided.

The How To Taxidermy Mule Deer video can be purchased individually
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How To Taxidermy Mule Deer Video - This is the trophy Mule Deer featured in the How To Taxidermy Mule Deer Video

"How To Taxidermy Mule Deer" Teaches:


The "How To Taxidermy Mule Deer" video features this impressive Mule Deer mount to the left, but the same techniques can be used on other big game.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements from a tanned cape so you can get the tools, form and eyes on the way.  In this video, Bill starts with a tanned cape and explains the process required to ready the cape for the mounting process, as well as preparing the mule deer manikin, setting the antlers and eyes.  He teaches how to do the entire mounting process step by step and all of the finish work for a completed Mule Deer that would impress any hunter.    


SALE:  $24.95 - Reg $29.95


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"How To Taxidermy Mule Deer" Video Reviews:


"Bill, I've been looking for some how to taxidermy videos on western game for quite a while, so I am happy to have found your videos. After watching them, I can say, they were worth the wait." Clint J

"Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. My daughter (yes daughter) loves to hunt and is excited to learn something that could make some money!  We live in New Mexico, so we have a nice mule deer ready to practice with - and I'll send pictures of our first mount!" Andrew P

"Bill, I've had a nice mulie in the freezer and now I know I can do the job. Thanks for the detailed instruction!" Jason H




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