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Learn How To Taxidermy Squirrel - Taxidermy Videos on DVD

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How To Taxidermy Climbing Squirrel

How To Taxidermy Squirrel Video on DVD:
Learning squirrel taxidermy is a great place to start!  In this detailed taxidermy training DVD, Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins covers each step of the taxidermy process in order to achieve a beautiful climbing squirrel mount.   From ordering the right materials, skinning, fleshing and preserving to the final finish work - no detail is left out!  This is a great DVD for the beginner, but also for anyone who wants to add to their knowledge base for professional looking trophy mounts.    2 Hours of taxidermy training with detailed instructions are included. 


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The "How To Taxidermy Squirrel" video was professionally filmed and edited using HD technology for the best possible quality. Close-up footage and detailed instruction guides you through the process in easy-to-understand terms. Perfect how to video for the beginner or for any taxidermist wanting to add to their skill set.  List of taxidermy supply companies and resources included.   


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Learn how to taxidermy a climbing squirrel on video DVD

"How To Taxidermy Squirrel" Teaches:


Our "How To Taxidermy Squirrel" video features the beautiful climbing squirrel mount to the left.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements so you can get the materials on the way.  Then Bill teaches how to remove the hide, flesh and clean the squirrel skin.  He shows how to preserve the hide, the complete step-by-step mounting process and then how to do all the final finish work for an impressive squirrel mount.  What better way to both learn taxidermy and preserve a memory at the same time. 


SALE:  $14.95 - Reg $29.95


+ $1.95 Shipping Worldwide!


"How To Taxidermy Squirrel" Video Reviews:


"I was excited to order the squirrel DVD, but a little skeptical that I could actually learn taxidermy from a DVD.  The DVD was great.  Bill did a great job explaining each step.  I plan to do mount a squirrel with my son the next time we go hunting."  Shane C, GA


"I have already ordered several videos from Bill and was waiting on the squirrel to be available.  Great job!  Loved the DVD and intend to get every one when they come out.  Thanks, Bill!"  James B, FL



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