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How to Taxidermy Western Big Game

How To Taxidermy Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Hide Tanning:
The 4-DVD Western Game Set teaches the complete process of taxidermy for each of these big game animals:

  • Bugling Elk Taxidermy
  • Mule Deer Taxidermy
  • Antelope Taxidermy
  • Caping and Tanning for Taxidermy
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    The Western Game Taxidermy Set is a complete start to finish taxidermy training course that covers every step to achieve a beautiful professional looking taxidermy mount for each animal.

  • Skinning (caping)
  • Fleshing (shaving)
  • Tanning (preserving)
  • Hide Preparation
  • Setting the Eyes, Horns, Ears
  • Preparing the Manikin
  • Clay and Sculpting Techniques
  • Mounting
  • Finishing
  • Painting

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    How to Taxidermy Western Game Set:


    The "How To Taxidermy Western Game Set" is a complete start-to-finish course teaching how to Cape, Flesh, Tan, Mount and Finish each animal using professional taxidermy supplies and techniques. Each video was filmed using HD technology for superior quality. Master Taxidermist, Bill Atkins is an excellent instructor and explains each step in detail as he demonstrates how to get the job done. Each DVD can be ordered individually, but the 4-DVD set offers 40% savings off the regular price. 


    Reg $99.95, SALE:  $69.95



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    Western Game Taxidermy Videos - Reviews:


    "I am really looking forward to applying what I have learned watching the taxidermy DVDs. Thanks for putting together to Value Set - I have enjoyed each course." Walter S


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