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4 DVD SetBest Deal: All 13 DVDs - $99.954 DVD Western Set


How to Taxidermy - 4 Video Set

How To Taxidermy Deer, Fish, Birds, Bobcat:
Instructed by Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins. Each 2-hour How To Taxidermy Video teaches how to do mount each species, step-by-step for beginners, for:

  • Whitetail Deer Taxidermy
  • Fish Taxidermy - Largemouth Bass
  • Bird Taxidermy - Flying Mallard
  • Bobcat Taxidermy - Lifesize 

    Reg $99.95, SALE: $69.95



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    Each How To Taxidermy Video was recently filmed in HD technology using the latest techniques and taxidermy supplies for the best possible video.  And each of the taxidermy video teaches the entire process from start to finish, leaving no detail out. Perfect how to taxidermy videos for the beginner or for any taxidermist wanting to add to their skill set.

  • How To Taxidermy Deer, Fish, Birds and Bobcat on Videos

    BEST DEAL:  13-DVD How To Taxidermy Course
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    "How to Taxidermy - 4 Video Set" Teaches:


    The "How to Taxidermy 4 Video Set" teaches the complete taxidermy process for each species.  Starting with field care and going step by step to the final detail paint work, there is no part left out.  Every step is taught for each animal.    


    Reg $99.95, SALE: $69.95



    Free Shipping Worldwide



    "How to Taxidermy Video Set" Reviews:


    "Dear Bill, My son and I have really enjoyed watching your videos. We plan on trying our first deer next week. Your videos have really helped a lot! Wish us luck!" Andy D.

    "Bill, I have really enjoyed the deer video. The extra close-up shots really showed the detail work. Thanks." Mike O., SC

    "Bill, my son and I really enjoyed the set of taxidermy videos we ordered. I am looking forward to starting my own part-time studio soon." L. Grantham, LA

    "Bill, the fleshing part on the deer video really helped me to do a better job on my deer mounts. They look a lot better now." Frank W., MS

    "I ordered the deer video as a birthday gift for my husband. He has really enjoyed it. I am ordering the rest. Thanks for the extra-fast delivery!"  Shelly B., TX


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