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Taxidermy 101 has 8 new Taxidermy How To DVDs teaching how to do Taxidermy from home. These new DVDs were filmed with HD technology for superior quality. Close-up footage and detailed, step-by-step instruction from Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins will give you the instruction and confidence you need to learn the Art of Taxidermy.

"Perhaps you want to save money by learning how to mount your own hunting trophies. Or maybe you want to start your own Taxidermy business - Either way, these How-To Taxidermy DVDs are a great place to start. And I've put together 2 highly discounted VALUE SETS to save you even more," Bill Atkins, Master Taxidermist.


How To Taxidermy - Deer:


2-Hour Video teaches how to mount a whitetail deer from start to finish.  The taxidermy video features a whitetail, but the same techniques can also be used on Axis, Fallow or Sika Deer.  Instruction is perfect for beginners to learn the Art of Taxidermy.  Covers each step of the process from field care to finish work.

How To Taxidermy - Bugling Elk:


Learn How to do taxidermy for big game trophies like Elk, Caribou and Moose with this How To Taxidermy Video.  Incredible footage, detailed instruction teaches how to do an open mouth bugling elk.

How To Taxidermy - Fish:


This 2-Hour Fish Taxidermy Video features a Largemouth Bass, but the same taxidermy techniques are used on other skin-mountable fish like Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie and Perch.  Each step of the taxidermy process is covered from taking the measurements to mounting the fish on driftwood. 

How To Taxidermy - Mule Deer:


This Taxidermy Video teaches how to mount a Mule Deer, including special attention to the ears, horns and facial details that are  unique to Mule Deer.   The process starts with a tanned Mule Deer cape and continues all the way to the detailed finish work.

How To Taxidermy - Birds:


This 2 Hour Bird Taxidermy Video features a flying Mallard Drake, but the same techniques can be used for other birds.  From proper field care to the final finish work, each step of the taxidermy process is covered for a beautiful completed Bird mount. 

How To Taxidermy - Antelope:


Special instruction is required to do taxidermy for horned mounts such as Antelope, Sheep and Goats - this Taxidermy Video features a Pronghorn Antelope but the same techniques can be used for other horned trophies.  The process starts with a tanned Antelope hide. 

How To Taxidermy - Bobcat:


This 2 Hour How  To Taxidermy Video features a lifesize Bobcat, and the same techniques can be used on Fox, Coyote or Raccoon.  Each step of the taxidermy process is covered from the proper field care to mounting the bobcat on a natural looking habitat base.   

Caping - Tanning for Taxidermy:


The basics of skinning (caping), shaving (fleshing) and preserving (tanning) are covered in this taxidermy how to video.  The western game taxidermy videos each start with a tanned cape, so this is a good video to include if you are buying one of those in a single DVD. 


Taxidermy Schools Directory

Taxidermy Schools provide many options, from a short 1-week course to an extensive Taxidermy-In-Business Course ranging from 4-weeks to 6-months. Quality Taxidermy School instruction facilities usually take place in fully equipped and operating studios using up-to-date supplies, equipment and techniques with professionally trained instructors allowing you a true hands-on environment.  The tuition for schools varies. Expect to pay up to $5,000 for a quality course, plus supplies and lodging.

Taxidermy Schools in Pennsylvania

Bill Allen's Pocono Institute of Taxidermy (Pennsylvania)
Box 2038, White Haven PA 18661
Bill Allen's Pocono Institute of Taxidermy school was established in 1969 and is the oldest most reputable taxidermy school in the business. Located in the heart of the Poconos, we are minutes away from Big Boulder, and Jack Frost Ski resorts, Interstates 80, 81 and the PA Turnpike. Experience the best fishing and hunting around. Our school offers a hands on 12 week course that can also be broken down. We have successfully trained 1000's of students who are now in business for themselves.

Northwood School of Taxidermy (Pennsylvania)
P.O. Box 575-BT, Stoystown, PA 15563
Experience the finest taxidermy school instructions at a residential school nestled in the best hunting and fishing grounds in Somerset County. Master instructor. Small class size. 13 weeks hands-on training. Also can be broken down into fish (4 weeks), birds (3 weeks), and fur (6 weeks). Full class: $8495, housing $900. Fish: $3000, housing $275. Birds: $2300, housing $225. Fur $4500, housing $425. We have a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. Come visit out school and see the Northwood difference!

Pennsylvania Institute Of Taxidermy (Pennsylvania)
118 Industrial Park, Ebensburg, PA 15931
The Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy was founded in 1983. For the past 16 years, we have enjoyed helping those, like you, who want the freedom and fulfillment of having their own business, get the right start. Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy is often imitated but, never duplicated. We are the only accredited taxidermy school in the country. Our reputation is second to none! Take the first step necessary to start your new career.

Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy (Pennsylvania)
3058 Rt 36, Oliveburg, PA 15764
Learn to mount Gameheads, Lifesize, Birds, Fish, and Rugs, in eight weeks in our taxidermy school!

Taxidermy Schools in Iowa

Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy (Iowa)
Hwy. 71, Box 2711 Spirit Lake, Iowa
The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy was established in 1984 and since that time has successfully trained students from across the nation, as well as Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe. Students are instructed in state of the art techniques by award winning instructors in our modern 7,600 square foot facility.

Hutton Valley School of Taxidermy (Iowa)
2514 Victory Lane, St. Charles, IA 50240
All roads to your next career or money-making hobby lead to us! We offer a complete 7-week taxidermy school, as well as weekend mini-classes for specific animals. Students may tape record or videotape classes for future reference, if they wish, but are responsible for bringing their own equipment to do so.

Kindred Spirits School of Taxidermy (Iowa)
110 N. Gear Ave., West Burlington, IA 52655
Dedication to bringing out the students' full creative potential, helping to reach individual goals. Small classes, insuring increased one on one instruction with award winning teachers. Choices of 2 and 4 week Mini-courses or 8 week complete course, catering to the students individual needs and interests.

Taxidermy Schools in Michigan

Northeast Michigan School of Wildlife Art (Michigan)
3361 US-23 South, Alpena, MI 49707 -- (517) 356-3600
Personalized taxidermy school training. All phases. Award-winning instructors. Our course is designed for the serious student who wants to make taxidermy a career. State licensed and bonded. References upon request.

Taxidermy Schools in Missouri

Missouri Taxidermy Institute (Missouri)
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. 4043 East Hwy 54, Linn Creek, MO
4-week and 8-week classes. Professional, intensive training at an affordable price and time-frame. 4-week classes cover ducks, upland game birds, whitetail shoulder mounts, life-sized mammals, leather-wrapped antler plaques, cold-water fish, warm-water fish, airbrushing, habitat, base-making, skinning, salting, auto-tanning. 8-week traditional taxidermy school covers all this, and more!

Taxidermy Schools in Alaska

Alaska School of Taxidermy (Alaska)
651 S. Gulkana, Palmer, Alaska 99645
We offer a two, four, six, eight and/or ten week, state approved taxidermy school program. Students will receive individualized instruction from Master Taxidermists with over 20 years experience apiece in Professional Museum Quality Taxidermy. Classes are on an average 9 hours a day, 4 days a week, which leaves time for such activities as hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, camping, or maybe photographing our panoramic views or our abundant wildlife. Let Alaska School of Taxidermy help with your career choice for the future. Financing available. Email us or visit our web site.

Taxidermy Schools in Colorado

Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training, Inc.
708 Royal Gorge Blvd., Canon City, CO 81212
Training the nation's quality taxidermists with award-winning techniques for fish, birds, game heads, lifesize mounts and rugs, taught by state certified instructors. Our taxidermy school provides "hands-on" training and finished specimens are showpieces for your taxidermy studio. Full course is 10 1/2 weeks with classes starting bimonthly. Financing available.

Taxidermy School in Idaho

North Idaho School of Tanning and Taxidermy (Idaho)
P.O. Box 382, 409 North Main, Weippe, ID 83553
There are new opportunities presenting themselves in the tanning and taxidermy industries that other taxidermy schools are missing. Come learn taxidermy where you will gain the knowledge you need to be successful and at the same time enjoy the North Idaho landscape with excellent hunting and fishing opportunities.

Taxidermy School in Kansas

Second Creation Taxidermy School (Kansas)
11501 Riverview Ave., Kansas City, KS 66111
We offer one on one hands on taxidermy lessons. You pick your class: Deer Heads, mammals, fish, birds, ect. ... or you can learn them all.

Taxidermy School in Louisiana

Southland School of Taxidermy (Louisiana)
2603 Osceola Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70805
The Southland School of Taxidermy offers a full-featured course of instruction preparing serious, interested persons for a successful career as a professional taxidermist. Huey Tortorice, a leading Southern taxidermist, offers personal, hands-on instruction to students. This gives the student a definitive advantage, leading to an in-depth understanding of the technical art of taxidermy.

Taxidermy Schools in Minnesota

A Trails End School Of Taxidermy (Minnesota)
310 West Main Street, P.O. Box 127, Rice, MN 56367
We offer a complete taxidermy school so you may learn the taxidermy trade. This is a "hands-on" course. All of the supplies and specimens are provided, and you keep your finished pieces, which will get you on your way to filling your showroom. If the full course isn't what you're looking for, we also do break down the class by categories. Classes are limited to 8 students. Class length is 16 weeks. It is an evening class that is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Chris' Taxidermy / School (Minnesota)
Located 25 miles northwest of the Twin Cities
We are enrolling students for a "hands-on" taxidermy school. We run a six week class for days or evenings. The classes teach fish, upland game birds, migratory waterfowl, game heads, life size mammals. You will learn natural habitat base work and dioramas, finish work on all specimens, and air brushing. We accept four students per session, for better individual hands on instruction.

Mike's Taxidermy School (Minnesota)
16721 Valley Dr. NW, Andover, MN 55304
Twin Cities based taxidermy school and instruction by Master Champion Mike Pendzimas for all skill levels. Classes are ongoing so call or email to register.

Pine Technical College (Minnesota)
1000 Fourth Street, Pine City, MN 55063
The Taxidermy Technology school at Pine Technical College provides training in the business, technical and artistic aspects of the taxidermy field. Students learn a variety of techniques used to prepare birds, fish and amphibians and mammals.

Taxidermy Schools in Montana

Academy of Realistic Taxidermy (Montana)
HC 30 Box 230, Havre, MT 59501
"Masters building future Masters" "A.R.T." taxidermy school is housed in north central Montana on nine acres and taught by world's best and/or national champion master taxidermists teaching only in their field of expertise. Some of A.R.T.'s instructors include: Glen Browning, Don Holt, Larry Jensen, Pat Rummans, Ken Walker, Stefan Savides, Jeff Lumsden, Doug Roffers, Chris Krueger, Bruce Babcock, Richard Gensch, Kevin Hynes, Jan Van Hoesen, Mike Orthober, Tom Weickum and more world's best and national champions being added to our team to help teach and better the taxidermy industry! At A.R.T. we have NO hidden costs, we house and teach our students. ALL supplies and specimens are covered and are the student's property to take home with them. If you are looking for the best taxidermy instruction with an intense business course included, then A.R.T. would be the taxidermy school to look in to.

Missoula Valley School of Taxidermy (Montana)
P.O. Box 1169, Thompson Falls, MT 59873-1169
Award winning taxidermy instructors. Two, four, and eight week classes. All finished mounts property of the students. Licensed and bonded by the state of Montana. Minimum of 16 mounts completed per student.

Montana School of Taxidermy and Tanning (Montana)
3280 Green Meadow Drive, Helena, MT 59601
The oldest commercial taxidermy school in the Northwest. Each class is shown how to sculpt a new form using references and death masks, and are required to make one fiberglass mold. Our tanning course, worked in with the rest of our curriculum, is second to none.

Pro Mount School of Taxidermy (Montana)
529 Jaque Lane, Billings, MT 59105
Pro-Mount School of Taxidermy's primary purpose is designed to develop the skills necessary to become a fill time professional taxidermist. The curriculum and method of one on one instruction are custom tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the individual student. You can be assured the full attention of the instructor because of the one on one instruction you will receive. The school has only one major objective: to provide each student a method of instruction and skill development that will insure success.

Second Nature Taxidermy (Montana)
20360 Hwy. 200 E., Bonner, MT 59823
Complete training on the Blackfoot river in beautiful western Montana. Our 6 week taxidermy school gives you the skills you need to start your own taxidermy business. A minimum of 10 mounts completed per student, enough to start your own taxidermy showroom.

Taxidermy School in North Carolina

Montgomery Community College - Taxidermy School (North Carolina)
P.O. Box 787, Troy, NC 27371 -- 1-800-839-6222
Hands on one year full time Taxidermy Program. Covers large game, small game, fish, birds, habitat construction, reproductions and much more. A well rounded program since 1977. References upon request.

Taxidermy School in North Dakota

Tonneson's Taxidermy (North Dakota)
P.O. Box 454, Newburg, ND 58762
Tonneson's School of Taxidermy offers 8-week, 4-week or 2-week courses from January through August. A maximum of two students per training session allows enormous flexibility on how the course is set up to match your interest. 

Taxidermy School in Texas

Central Texas School of Taxidermy (Texas)
11610 West RR 152, Llano, TX 78643
Kelly Leifeste operates this fully licensed and bonded taxidermy school located in central Texas. 2 week and 6 week classes. We are VA, JTPA and TRC approved.

Taxidermy Schools in Washington

Mountain Valley School of Taxidermy (Washington)
11826 SE 254th St., Kent, WA 98031
The taxidermy school offers personalized training for those interested in the field, as a fulfilling career, or stimulating hobby. You will benefit from the small classes and personalized training that a smaller school can offer. Special three-day bird classes available. All specimens are mounted and retained by the student.

Taxidermy Schools in Wisconsin

American Institute of Taxidermy (Wisconsin)
4552 Hwy 51 North, Boulder Junction, WI 54512
The American Institute of Taxidermy is located in beautiful Northern Wisconsin where you can enjoy excellent fishing and hunting while learning taxidermy. The taxidermy school's objective is to prepare the student for a productive taxidermy career. We are committed to giving hands-on training and personal attention so that each student will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a qualified taxidermist. The courses will include related information such as detailed mounting instructions, game laws, shop equipment and layout, management, advertising, display techniques, customer relations, and practical business ethics.

Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School (Wisconsin)
14 West Fulton Street, Edgerton, WI 53534
Full-time taxidermy school programs with master taxidermist Dan Rinehart and international champion Steve Henthorn. Personal training programs in game-heads, birds, fish and mammals. UAW and veteran approved.


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