How To Taxidermy Fish


How To Taxidermy Fish Video on DVD: Taxidermy101’s “How To Taxidermy Fish” is 2-hours long and is a complete start to finish course. We’ve tailored the “How To Taxidermy Fish Video” to help the novice learn from Master Taxidermist in a one on one class room setting. You will get training and instruction plus tips that will help you quickly begin to do fish taxidermy yourself.

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Bass Taxidermy DVD

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The How To Taxidermy Fish Video was filmed using HD technology for superior quality. Close-up footage and detailed instruction guides you through the process in easy-to-understand terms. Perfect how to taxidermy videos for the beginner or for any taxidermist wanting to add to their skill set.  List of taxidermy supply companies and resources included.


The “How To Taxidermy Fish” video features the largemouth bass to the left, but the same techniques can be used on other fish such as smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye and perch.  Bill starts by covering all the taxidermy tools and supplies needed, and how to take the correct measurements so you can get the taxidermy supplies on the way.  Then Bill teaches how to skin, clean and preserve the fish.  He teaches is great detail how to do each step of the mounting process including how to do a great paint job, which is a common problem for taxidermist.  He also teaches how to strengthen the fins so they are more durable.

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“I really enjoyed the Bass video. The painting part made a lot of sense. I look forward to receiving your other videos.” Wade G., FL

“Mr. Bill, My dad and I have really liked watching your videos. We are going to mount our first bass this weekend. Thanks for your help and wish me luck.” Jonathan C., TX “Bill, Thanks for the tips. Your videos are the best! Best wishes.” Mark S., MS “I have really enjoyed watching your videos. The way you showed the painting part made it look easier than I thought.” Alex F., PA


Fish Taxidermy without a doubt begins with proper field care. If your goal is to produce the best looking mount possible, make sure you start with an fish that has had excellent care in the field.  Immediately take several photos with a good camera so you can have those to refer back to during the painting process.  This will greatly effect the quality of the finished mount. So you have caught a mountable trophy fish, what do you do?

  • Never let the fish flop around in the boat or cooler
  • Place the fish on ice as soon as possible
  • When you get home, measure your fish to order supplies:
    • A: Gill Plate to Base of Tail
    • B: Measure width of the eye in millimeters
    • C: Measure around the fattest part of the belly of the fish
  • Wrap your fish in a very wet towel. This will protect the fins when frozen.
  • Place in a plastic garbage bag, seal it tightly and freeze it at once.