how to learn taxidermy school course


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10-Video Taxidermy School Classes

Each how to taxidermy class covers the step by step process from start to finish for the beginning taxidermist. This is an excellent choice for learning how to become a taxidermist from home. Bill selected these 10 classes to give you a very well rounded understanding of all area’s of taxidermy.

For Free Video overviews on each class please visit the individual DVD pages. 

*  Whitetail Deer
*  Bass – Fish Taxidermy
*  Flying Duck
*  Bobcat
*  Bugling Elk
*  Mule Deer
*  Pronghorn Antelope
*  Caping, Fleshing, Tanning for Taxidermy Mounts
*  Strutting Turkey
*  Climbing Squirrel

Over 200hrs of  Professionally filmed and edited HD footage was collected to produce this Amazing Collection.

Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins is the instructor in all of the Taxidermy School Videos.