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11-Taxidermy Classes on 9 DVDs Over 200hrs of  Professionally filmed and edited HD footage was collected to produce this Amazing Collection. 

Each taxidermy class covers the step-by-step process from start to finish for the beginning taxidermist. Bill selected these 11 classes to give you a very well-rounded understanding of all areas of taxidermy.

Free Video overviews on each class please visit the individual Video pages. 

*  Whitetail Deer

*  Flying Duck
*  Bobcat
*  Bass
*  European Mounts
*  3 Lessons On One DVD
*  Strutting Turkey
*  Climbing Squirrel

* Caping-Fleshing-Tanning

Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins is the instructor in all of the Taxidermy School Videos.


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